Binary Options Brokers India

Binary options are the financial options that come with two payoff options – a fixed amount or nothing. Therefore they are known as binary options. There is no other settlement possible in binary options. Either it is yes or no that an underlying asset will be above the price or below the price.

As we know, there is incredible growth in online trading at a global level and in India as well. By the introduction of binary trading, binary options have attained much popularity in India. Many investors want to trade binary options.

Although, the majority of the investors are still unaware of the binary options and their application. Indian economy is seen as a prime growth economy, and its economy is growing in the manufacturing and service industries. Online trading is evolving in India, and it has been becoming a welcome choice for many citizens of the country.

Binary options trading is an excellent opportunity for Indians, and they can earn a second income from binary trading.

IQoption ReviewMinimum Despoit$10Minimum Investment$1Maximum Retursnup to 99% Get Free Account ReviewMinimum Despoit$5Minimum Investment$5Maximum Retursnup to 95% Get Free Account ReviewMinimum Despoit$5Minimum Investment$5Maximum Retursnup to 95% Get Free Account
OlympTrade ReviewMinimum Despoit$10Minimum Investment$1Maximum Retursnup to 95% Get Free Account

Indian assets are now more available on many broker platforms, and with the surging use of smartphones, binary options trading has been more accessible than ever. Unfortunately, the lack of recognition and regulation of binary trading in India makes it difficult for trading companies to enter the market place. That’s why many brokers working in India tend to be European based.

Traders who want to invest in binary options can trade by signing up with the offshore binary options broker as there is no Indian binary trading platform available to India’s residents. The binary options are not listed on any of the stock exchanges in India.

that’s why the best performing brokers are the international service providers. These service providers are regulated within their region and affiliated with some of the authorities. Therefore, these firms can adapt transactions unaffected by Indian strict rules and regulations or legal frameworks.

For some Indians, binary options trading is viewed as a blessing, a phenomenal chance to procure a subsequent income as an approach to telecommute, particularly after the Reserve Bank of India restricted Indian inhabitants from trading forex on the web. Subsequently, questions are ordinarily asked regarding whether it is legitimate to trade binary options in India.

An ill-defined situation, disarray about this trading type’s lawfulness, is overflowing and emerged to a great extent because of the clampdown by the Reserve Bank of India on online forex trading. Nonetheless, binary trading India similarly as with numerous different nations worldwide, isn’t controlled, not typical for online forex trading. It is essential to take note of the distinction between something illicit and something unregulated.

Most binary options trading brokers will acknowledge customers from any area worldwide as long as no legitimate limitations are forestalling the requesting of traders in India. The most significant concern is whether the financier firm that you intend to join with is reliable and trustworthy.
The agents that have suggested beneath for our Indian perusers have been looked into by us and are chosen for the accompanying reasons:

  1. Good set up
  2. Exceptional yields and quick issue free withdrawals
  3. Work under administrative oversight
  4. The broad scope of instruments to trade with

Indian traders are restricted concerning the selections of representatives that they can join. This is to a great extent because the more significant part of them doesn’t provide language support of Bengali or Hindi on their sites, making it trying for the individuals who are not conversant in English to lead their trading activities. Be that as it may, to help our users in India get ahead to begin trading binary options, we provide a list of options that can be taken into account while choosing the binary trading brokers in India.

  • IQ Option
  • Olymp Trade

While fervently bantered among the Indian online trading community concerning whether it is unlawful to trade binary options in India, the appropriate response is a straightforward “No.” Not at all like forex trading India, which is firmly managed by the Securities and Exchange Board of India, there are no equal legitimate limitations forced on Indians trading pairs. Because of the absence of privately managed business firms, numerous traders in India have turned to manage offshore brokers, some of which are controlled and others unregulated.

Binary Trading Platform India

Due to strict rules and regulations, Indian traders have limited trading platform choices through which they can sign up and start trading. Generally, it is because many of the platforms do not support Bengali or Hindi on their websites. It made it challenging for those traders who are not fluent in English to conduct their trading. Few of the platforms try to help and cater to traders’ specific needs in India to get started with binary options trading.


ExpertOption was established in 2015 and a relative newcomer to the binary options trading India. ExpertOption offers its platform in Hindi, Russian, English, German, Italian, Portugal, Chinese, and Spanish. This platform is one of the platforms which offer their services in the Hindi language to accommodate the Indian traders to peruse the trading The FMRCC regulates ExpertOption, and they are offering their expertise to binary traders in India to cater to their needs in the range of assets. It is easy to use and a well-designed platform for both newcomers and experienced traders. ExpertOption is offering a wide range of in-built analytical tools which help the traders to perform all technical analysis that is essential to maximize the profits.


Binomo is a binary trading platform that offers elite trading services to its Indian traders. It provides one of the best trading terms and investment options. Binomo has won awards for the quality of its services and offers advanced technology to the Indian traders. Binomo was established in 2014 and owned by Tiburon corporation ltd. It is regulated by FMRRC as well, and it is a non-commercial organization. This platform accepts traders from different world regions, including India, but they are not offering their services to USA traders. Binomo provides four classes of assets, including currencies, indices, stock, and commodities.


RaceOption provides a range of great promotional offers to its traders in India. They have high-quality user-interface with cutting edge software to attract new traders. They offer a wide range of over 150 various assets to please their Indian investors. RaceOption is popular in the binary options trading market due to its impressive technological features, a great range of payment methods, and a strong customer service team. A London based company owns RaceOption. Their website is secure with strong SSL encryption to protect their Indian client’s clients’ financial and personal information. Their all payment methods are incredibly fast as well.

Binary Trading Reviews India

Binary options trading is a quick way to make some extra money, whether you are a working person or retired. Binary options are trading over currencies by predicting whether their price will incline or decline. The accuracy of your prediction can increase the chances of your success, and you can increase your accuracy of projection through the best trading software.

IQ Option

Indian investors have another attractive choice of IQ Option India to trade binary options with diverse payment and withdrawal methods. New traders can open a demo account and trade through virtual balance to get familiar with Iq Options. Traders can use the dummy account to train themselves and try out various strategies.

Iq Option pays out around an 85% bonus on an accurate market hypothesis. However, this bonus can rise to 100% for VIP account holders on their platform. Iq Option provides a great learning platform for novice investors, with a minimum deposit of $10. Iq Option’s platform provides an easy-to-use platform for every new trader to make a good profit from trading. India is considered one of the oldest and best brokers in the forex and binary options market. The primary purpose of a broker is to focus on advanced trading features. They offer a complete contract duration with a period of 365 days. Their payout range is $1 – $50,000 on a single trade. The traders can get high potential earnings if the trading would be flexible.

The brokerage firm consists of several subdivisions. Each division offers services to different areas around the globe. The investors from India hold their account with binary S.A. in Costa Rica. It allows them to invest in CFD, binary options, and Forex pairs without facing legal difficulties. You should also check India, their new online trading brand. India has made it very easy and straightforward for Indian traders to trade in the binary options market. This platform is quickly understandable to both new and experienced traders. They are offering live customer support 24 hours a day and seven days a week. They provide personal accounts manager, education center, and news updates from the financial market. Deriv is taking the best care of their clients in India to make them profitable in binary options trading.

Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade India is another broker in the forex and binary options market that offers a large number of investment options, and they provide new ways to attract new Indian investors to binary option trading. By using OlympTrade, the Account-holders can benefit from the advanced trading platform.

Traders can develop their strategies and moves together with their account manager, which can help novice traders invest like a pro trader and earn a decent amount of money. The education part is also very well developer and it is no wonder that Olymp Trade is a popular trading solution in India.

OlympTrade India offers its traders over 60 assets to trade with multiple assets or choose one. The software provides 80% profit on the invested amount in the standard account and 90% profit in the VIP account. OlympTrade operates through a website, Android, and iOS apps. Indian traders can download the OlympTrade app through Play-store or Apple store, depending on the device. The platform interface is user-friendly and well-design. The trading platform is quite transparent and easy to understand.
OlympTrade has many technical indicators and analysis tools to help the Indian traders.

They offer risk-free trades as incentives, and the minimum deposit payment is relatively low. There is a history tab at the bottom of the platform’s interface that helps the traders record their trades or particular assets. The platform’s left side has a trading chart, and the right side has different icons that are used for trading, such as trade duration, invested money, and put or call option.

Indian traders are more interested in binary options because of its trading simplicity. It is capable of giving a high return on investments in a short time interval. As we know, binary trading is quite simple and straightforward, but the risk associated with it is high. If a trade gets successful, the trader can get up to a 70% to 95% return on investment, and he/she can lose 100% investment in an unsuccessful trade. Therefore, risk management is an essential part of trading in India. The best thing about the binary option trading is that the amount of risk in each trade is known, and loss cannot surpass the amount risked in a trade.

Binary options are not regulated in India, and since the financial crisis of 2008, binary options have gained popularity in India, and it is a straightforward and satisfactory source of earning.
India’s financial sector is regulated by the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) and SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). The RBI and SEBI are not in favour of investing in binary options in India. The FEMA (Foreign Exchange and Management ACT) also forbids forex trading or binary options trading in India through electronic or online trading. Anyone who invests in binary trading in India can take the risk on his own, without any laws to regulate the trading of binary options.

Indian traders who are willing to trade binary options India can sign up with an offshore binary options broker. As it is known that Indian authorities do not regulate binary trading, and binary options are not listed on India’s stock exchanges. So that there are no Indian based binary trading brokerage firms, a trader can open an account with an offshore broker for trading and select the assets that they want to trade. They can choose the desired amount to invest in binary trading.

Traders can learn from the demo accounts offered by the offshore brokerage firms. These demo accounts are free to access with virtual money. Brokers provide several kinds of accounts, like basic account or standard account, Gold account, and Platinum account.